The Jason Heyward Deal

As the dust settles from the recent Jason Heyward transaction, here’s a few random thoughts:

1. Is 184mil a lot? Yes, but not as much as what other teams, including STL were offering. With huge revenue streams coming in, and looking at his AAV, it’s almost a bargain in this market.

2. I fully understand some (not all) Cardinals fans being salty about the deal but the ones wishing he gets injured, dies, or Wrigley Field burns down, that’s overboard. But hey, Cubs fans would say stuff like that too if the situation were reversed and we all know it. Both fanbases are passionate about their teams—lets all agree on that. We all know the division race will be intense and if some extra jabs among fans tosses a little fuel on the fire, I’m all for that. And it’s GREAT for baseball!

3. Cubs have spent a lot in FA this year, because well, they can. Hopefully it pays off.

4. As a Cubs fan, I’d be lying if I said I don’t somewhat fear another 2004 (not in terms of the team, obviously, but the season). There is legit hype now and the target is on the Cubs’ back. Just play. Don’t pressure it any more. Crazy Joe, this is where you do your thing.

5. It’s awfully nice to have legit baseball banter in December.

6. The recent moves, combined with how last season ended, will fuel the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry tenfold. The games will be extra intense this year.

7. Is it Spring yet? Hurry up February!


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