(Not) Just Another Ballgame – Coming Spring 2021!

Excited to announce the initial details of my forthcoming collection of baseball essays, slated for a Spring release!

This collection focuses mostly on the Deadball Era of America’s pastime, but will include some more modern tales sprinkled in for fun. Many of the chapters in the book are built from earlier, condensed versions that appeared on this blog over the years. They have been expanded and enhanced for inclusion. As you stroll down hardball memory lane in this book, you’ll discover some fun bits of info such as:

  • Who played the actual first night game at Wrigley Field?
  • What happened with the mysterious final out of the 1926 World Series?
  • Has there ever been such a thing as a perfect perfect game?
  • Did the Chicago White Sox lose the 1919 World Series? Or did the Cincinnati Reds actually beat them?
  • What was the best game Babe Ruth ever pitched?
  • Is Field of Dreams really a baseball movie?

…and much more.

(Not) Just Another Ballgame will feature cover art by Molly Errek and a foreword by SABR member and baseball historian, Gary L. Livacari.

Final revisions are tentatively scheduled for early March, leading to a spring release.

More details coming soon!

Completely unofficial and far from final cover art