This Date In Baseball History

Some interesting tidbits on this day, March 24, in baseball history…

  • In 1911, Cardinals president Stanley Robison dies unexpectedly. He leaves the club and most of his estate to his niece, Helene Hathaway Britton, who then became the first female owner of a major league club.
  • In 1933, Babe Ruth took a $23,000 pay cut, due to the Depression.
  • In 1959, prior to an exhibition game played against the Dodgers in Havana, Cuba, a photo of Pete Whisenant is taken that shows the Reds outfielder toting a machine gun. The weapon for the photo is supplied by a rebel from Fidel Castro’s revolutionary army.
  • In 1984, the Tigers trade utility player John Wockenfuss and outfielder Glenn Wilson to the Phillies for relief pitcher Willie Hernandez and first baseman Dave Bergman.

Wow, I’d say the Tigers won that trade! And although it may be a stretch, one may wonder if the sudden change in ownership of the 1911 Cardinals was partially influential to the story of the classic comedy film, Major League (1989.)




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